Daily Tasks By Successful Parents

It goes without saying that being a parent is not an easy task, no matter how many children you may have. The job of a parent means responsibility for another life, both on a moral and financial level. When you are a parent, you actually have the ability to influence the future with all of your current actions. There are some great tips that any parent can use to help foster learning and growth for a responsibility and intelligent child.


Always make sure that you have an open ear to listen to your child. This could be listening to your baby babbling or an older child telling you how their day went while in school. Children always want to know that you are listening, which shows them that they care. If they see that you hear them, they will be more likely to listen to you.

When you are faced with your child taking liquid medicine, be sure to ask your pharmacist all about the dosing with oral syringes, bulbs or dosing spoons instead of going with measuring cups or regular kitchen spoons. Standard measurements can hold up to three times the amount of a dosing implement, which increases the risk of upset stomach, wasted medicine or overdosing.

To treat the symptoms of flu or common cold, it is important to check the medication for active ingredients whether it is an over the counter medication or a prescription. There can be some products that will have multiple ingredients found in medications, so it is best to be safe to only use one medication unless you receive other directions from the pediatrician.

Children need to know what is expected of them on a daily basis. No child should wonder what their parents would like them to do. Show your child what they are supposed to be doing and any of the consequences that could come about from them not listening.

Talk with your child about proper eating habits, especially when it comes to family mealtimes and overeating. The rise in childhood obesity in the United States means having to have the conversation about portion sizing and snacking in between meals. When you look at the snacks that are available to your child, take into consideration getting rid of processed snacks that are loaded with sugar, sodium and unnecessary fats. Instead of having sugary beverages around the house, think about stocking up your refrigerator with bottled water that they can grab and go. Fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy and healthy grains for snacks are always good for children and their growing bodies.

While these are all great tips to keep in mind, it is important to remember that it is necessary to tweak your parenting to fit in with the needs of your family. Each child, parent and family is completely unique and it is best to come up with a daily task list that will keep all of you on track.

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